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Creepy crawlies

Do you regularly check your ferret for ectoparasites ? This is something owners can do at home and something that should be part of every routine health check. Your ferret may look all cute and fluffy with their beautiful coat but have you ever checked what’s lying beneath? Let’s have a look at some different …

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Hypoglycaemia in ferrets

Hypoglycaemia means low blood glucose and clinical signs can present as unsteadiness, fatigue, exercise intolerance, muscle twitching , shaking , abnormal behaviour such as staring into space , depression, signs of nausea such as pawing at the mouth and ptyalism (excessive saliva). In serious cases the ferret may collapse and in rare cases seizuring may …

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Lymph node locations on a ferret

Lymph nodes in ferrets

What are lymph nodes and why are they an important to check ? Lymph nodes are small kidney bean shaped organs that run along the route of the regional lymphatic vessels. They are an encapsulated mass of lymphoid tissue supported by dense connective tissue. Their function is to filter lymph, bacteria or other particles. They …

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Bandit the ferret

Why Ferrets?

My love for the mustelid family was ignited when I began working for a company that specialises in animal assisted therapy . As part of a small team we took animals onto mental health wards, brain injury units and care homes. One of the most popular characters we had in our little animal family was …

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humerus bone ferret x ray

No Bones About It

….there’s no denying it’s super cool that we have the ability to see inside our patients! In most veterinary practices we are lucky enough to have some super great radiography equipment that helps us diagnose conditions that we simply would not be able to do with just a physical check of the animal. Why are …

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